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Procurement Project Manager

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"The focus is not just on price. Process, efficiency and quality ensure a long-term solution that the customer can use for years to come."

-Dana Verboom


Dana Verboom

Finding solutions for problems, thinking along with optimisations and together achieving a better result than before we started. That is my passion! After more than 12 years in the procurement profession with varied organization of Hotellerie, towards business services, back to healthcare institutions and further into the industry, the work still gives the same drive to cooperate with and give quality to my customers.

The focus on not only price, but process, efficiency and quality provides a long-term solution that you, the customer, can use for years to come. I have a background in facility management and have been able to purchase and manage a broad spectrum of procurement topics from operational to strategic.

In the NPR field there are few topics that cannot be helped. That’s the beauty of this field. It brings you in contact with everyone everywhere and everywhere. All this experience combined with your wishes will certainly lead to great success!