About Procurement Services

Procurement Services was founded in 2005 by Martijn Heijmans and André Seltenrijch. They noticed that many companies re-invent the wheel time and again when it comes to Non Product Related (NPR) procurement. By deploying their knowledge and experience as procurement professionals, they created an attractive proposition for many companies. And with that ‘Eureka-moment’, a procurement consultancy firm was born.


Today, Procurement Services is a thriving business of experienced procurement professionals based at three locations in the Netherlands. Over the years, emphasis has been placed on professionalising the service and diligently growing the team based on the core value that work should be both inspiring and fun for the Procurement Services colleagues. This is evident as soon as you enter the beautiful location ‘The Valley’ in Houten. This field requires honest and highly educated professionals. Professionals with whom a procurement project is in safe hands.


But there is also room for laughter!


Not everyone fits that picture. Working at Procurement Services requires a strong sense of empathy, being a good listener, and the ability to navigate different interests, always with the customer result at the forefront. So in this field, you need to be cut from the right cloth.

Grip and control of NPR costs

In our world, procurement is not a “kick & rush act. It is a discipline that requires due consideration for the client circumstances, a helicopter view, and of course specialist market knowledge. Procurement is not a “kick & rush”, but a thoughtful approach that requires insight, structure and market knowledge.

Savings are a natural derivative. To make that happen, you need the right people with the right attitude. This is how we live our lives. Our main working principle is that our earnings depend on value of the saving we deliver to you. Moreover, those savings can never, ever be at the expense of the quality. Hence, there are only gains; and you get more for less.