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Results through a proven approach

Results through a proven approach

More insight, a controlled structure and
lower procurement costs.

Total Non Product Related (NPR) procurement often involves a larger spend volume than an organization realizes. This is about a large number of suppliers with a great flow of invoices and a diversity of contracts as a result. Moreover, there is often a lack of structured procurement planning. At Procurement Services we pass through three tried and tested phases to map out such procurement flows, to substantially improve and monitor them on a continuous basis.




Inventory of suppliers, procurement segments and spend

Procurement scan per segment

Insight into promising procurement processes

Advice and reporting on savings potential and opportunities for improvement







Realization & Implementation:

Determining procurement tactics with the procurement team

Planning of recurring procurement and one-off investments

Implementation of procurement project(s) and implementation

Developing Business Cases with concrete savings and process improvements per segment



Maintenance & Management:

Periodic monitoring and checking of agreements made

Managing contracts in secure digital archives

Anticipate indexing and price increases

Keeping contracts up to date


We start by creating insight. We do this with a spend analysis and procurement scan. With the aid of our analysis software we rapidly place our finger on the sore spot by assigning creditors to procurement segments and/or testing current processes and contracts against our database. With the procurement scan you immediately get a picture of possible savings and quality improvements. Together we then determine for which procurement segments we will develop Business Cases.

Realization & Implementation

We make the potential savings and quality improvements concrete by working out a Business Case for each chosen segment. In this manner we offer the prospect of possible savings and improvements. In the action plan, we determine who does what and which parties we send an RFP to. To existing or new suppliers? Or both? In addition, every client of ours has the option of using immediately available framework contracts and procurement collectives.

Maintenance & Management

Procurement is a continuous process. Appointments expire, are tacitly extended, prices can be indexed and roles can change. That is why it is important to manage, monitor and adjust agreements and contracts made.


What do you need?

On average we manage to achieve a saving of 15% on NPR procurement on completing the entire process. Collaboration may, of course, differ depending on your situation. Are you looking for temporary support or a structural partnership? Maybe you are considering completely outsourcing all procurement activities? This also applies to you: you determine how you use us.