About Procurement Services.

Procurement Services was founded in 2005 by Martijn Heijmans and André Seltenrijch. They saw that many companies reinvent the wheel when it comes to Non Product Related (NPR) procurement. By offering their knowledge and experience as procurement professionals, they discovered that this was an attractive proposition for many companies. And with that ‘discovery’ a procurement consultancy firm was born…


Today, Procurement Services is a thriving club with experienced procurement professionals in three locations in the Netherlands. In all these years, careful steps have been taken on professionalization of services and composition of the team. For Procurement Services colleagues, work must primarily inspire and give pleasure. You will become aware of this when you enter the beautiful location ‘The Valley’ in Houten. This field requires honest, highly educated professionals. Professionals to whom you can trust a procurement project.


But it is also permitted to have fun!


Not everyone fits that image. Anyone who works at Procurement Services is empathetic, able to listen well, is able to navigate between different interests and always has the client’s results in mind. In this field you need to have what is takes.

Have a grip and control of NPR costs


Procurement is not kick & rush, but a well-considered approach that requires insight, structure and market knowledge. Savings are derived from this. To achieve it, you need the right people with the right attitude. And that translates into how we look at life. We start from the principle that our earnings depend on the size of the savings we realize for you. Moreover, savings can never be at the expense of quality. So you only can win; more quality at lower costs.