“We were introduced to Procurement Services in 2014. To gain first-hand experience of how the collaboration would be shaped, we started with a single project. Thereafter this expanded one step at a time. Presently whilst our own organisation no longer supports NPR procurement, Procurement Services cover this area fully. Putting the requirements of the internal organisation first, Carglass maintains control. Due to the fact that the projects are run in a transparent and professional manner each and every time, our supplier relationships have only improved. The long standing business relationships that have been built over many years, are often found to be maintained. Procurement Services acts as an extension of our own organisation – an external colleague. Recently we have added Contract Management to the portfolio of Procurement Services and are expanding further by adding Supplier Management also. We value the fact that supplier commitments are being met and that the forecast savings turn into reality. This allows us to fully focus on our core business.“



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